• Heather Boyce-Ball

Its #GivingTuesday!!

Piece2gether (P2G) Foundation launched in 2018 in Nevada in response to the lack of opportunities for children with and without unique needs to participate in combined activities. P2G is recognized as a 501c3 corporation by the Internal Revenue and Nevada Secretary of State. This journey began as a result of my son’s diagnosis of Autism and witnessing the challenges within the community. I was inspired to create a foundation to generate awareness of those challenges. The foundation will help support, train, and educate parents on developmental advancements through structured programs and play.

Piece2gether Foundation exists to educate unique needs families and cater to all abilities while providing families love, support and equality for all.

Our core values are:

Diversity & Inclusion- P2GF desires to create an environment reflective of all national origins, race, financial backgrounds, and varying abilities.

Equality – Families will not be refused service based on financial abilities, mental/physical/emotional abilities.

Valuing Others – All staff members, participants and service providers

Compassion - We believe that care and concern for others will create a culture of inclusion and empathy.

The foundation will also provide services such as daily living skills, academic readiness (English, Arithmetic), art, physical activities such as dance, karate, aerobics, family support sessions, and more.

Please support our mission to enrich the lives of our children.

#GivingTuesday #Autism #AutismAwareness #Piece2gether

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